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`Restorative Yoga is the use of props to support the body into positions of comfort to facilitate relaxation and health.´ Judith Hanson Lasater

The feeling of not having enough time plagues our world and our consciousness. We are running on empty fuel, away from our inner harmony and balance, towards the hope that one day we will be able to have the time to relax. This time however never seems to come. We have lost the art of balancing our busy lives with down time.

This constant running often means for us that we are overly tired, stressed, overworked, malnourished and short tempered. As we loose a connection with ourselves, we loose connection with others and our surroundings. We cannot be compassionate when we are exhausted – neither towards ourselves nor towards others. As a result we all suffer.

Within the space and environment of a Restorative Yoga class we are supported with numerous bolsters, blankets, blocks and eyepads to facilitate the potential for deep relaxation. Creating a conscious space for down time gives us the opportunity to rediscover or return to an holistic way of being. Healing truely begins when you begin to rest.

This course is designed to build slowly from one week to the next. With individual adjustments and propping you will gradually learn numerous restorative poses from which you can then practise at home with confidence and understanding.

Time : 

currently the Downtempo Open class on thursdays at 17:30 includes elements of Restorative Yoga, combined with slow paced asanas, pranayamas and meditation.

Private Restorative Yoga Classes :

Private Restorative Yoga classes are offered to those who desire (depending on your needs) three to four restorative asanas sequenced for your personal needs. Restorative Yoga can be beneficial in combination with other therapies for conditions such as asthma, back ache, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue /burn out, stress, depression, womans health including pregnancy, menstrual disorders, and menopause.

Please note, as with all alternative therapies time, patience and practise is necessary for positive results.

Times : please contact Kira via mobile or email to discuss your needs and determine an appointment at the Yoga Studio.

price: 68 euros / 1.5 hrs

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