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Workshops / Events / Trainings to be enjoyed :




Thai Yoga CarlosThe Art of Healing Touch - Thai Yoga Immersion /& Workshop 

mit Carlos Romero & Helene Krainer29. Juni - 3- Juli 2019


Eternity runs through the soul as its veins and arteries!
Love and kindness, haven’t lost their way amidst the confusion, the singularity guides the way in the circularity of time…
Thai Yoga Massage is a transformative experience. A deep revolution on the way we move, interact, communicate and especially the way we share touch as a form of healing. 

Focus & Intention
A journey of integration, realign with the source through the practice of presence and mindful touch. We will dive into the Fascinating world of the connective tissue (Fascia) through the direct experience of our own body with embodiment practices and explore our inner universe in the bodywork session with the intention to integrate this knowledge into the Art of Healing Touch as a doorway to promote healing and a state of flow in all levels.


This Immersion includes:

* Yoga
* Explore the ancient healing art of Thai Massage (Static & dynamic techniques, sequences, therapeutic approaches)
* Infinite circularities- Fascia Universe
* Embodiment & Somatic Movement 
* Sound Healing
* Manual
* Certificate (for the completed Workshop) 

The practice will be progressing over 5 days. Thai Yoga Massage meets Fascia Therapy is an interesting fusion where you will grow with the experiences that you earn ! 

About Carlos :

Carlos visited Innsbruck in 2016 and 2017 ! He shares his wisdom of Thai Yoga Massage ! He brought / found a good vibe to/in Innsbruck !
Carlos is a Surfyogi, devoted Yoga Teacher and gifted Thai Yoga Massage Therapist and teacher. After finishing a Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training in 2003 he has continued to deepen his practice in Asthanga, Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Anusara, Dharma Mittra style and lately Embodied Flow. Over the last 12 years he has dedicated most of his time into healing arts, deepened his studies and knowledge into Thai Yoga Massage, Osteodance (Wuo tai) and a combination of Osteopathy and thai massage called Osteothai. The essence of Carlos teaching is presence and the power of integrating the wisdom from different ancient tradition into one, as well as, bringing joy, inspiration and beauty into his classes, trainings and retreats.

More Details, exact schedule and prices see directly at

“The most precious gift we can offer to others is our presence”  - Thich Nhat Han - 





Samakona PregKiraMaya Prenatal heart


... with love the journey continues ...

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, with : 

- Kira Cook (Prenatal yoga & birth education)
- Jade Mate ( Oriental dance for pregnancy and birth)

…An offering from the heartheart


`It begins with a kiss´…. And through a beautiful flow of energies, a baby is made, nourished, and finally a baby is born. Love is what connects, nourishes, and heals us. When we pause , long enough to listen and feel, an inner knowing reveals loves radiant energy as an unlimited source - carrying us through the cycle of birth, life and death.

As a prenatal yoga teacher, I feel I have succeeded when mothers leave the room feeling loved and more connected to themselves and to their unborn child. When mothers feel at ease and at home within their changing body, and also strengthened and empowered as a woman to birth a baby into this world, I feel deep satisfaction.

This training intends to offer an insight into how we as yoga teachers from all backgrounds and traditions can best support a woman through the transformational phase from pregnancy to birth. Through a variety of teaching methods, including self-inquiry, reflection, and experimentation, it is my intention that one leaves this training feeling inspired and confident to teach creative yoga classes of various styles to pregnant women.

Who this training is for:

This training is intended for current yoga teachers or teachers in training, who wish to expand their knowledge and dive into the world of pregnancy and birth from a yogic point of view. I am confident that this training will give you inspirational tools and methods to be able to teach pregnant women in a safe and appropriate manner.

Yoga Students who have at least 3 years of self practice and currently are working with pregnant woman or have a desire to do so, are also invited to attend the training.

Please note that as our attention will be geared towards the specifics of prenatal yoga, there will not be time to teach the essentials of yogaasanas nor basic yoga philosophy– as it will be assumed that you already have this knowledge.

Dates and Times:

Module 1 : 4-7 Oct.2018
Thu. 4 Oct.          9 - 16:30
Fri.   5 Oct.          9 - 17:30
Sat. 6 Oct.          8:30 - 18:00
Sun. 7 Oct.          9 - 17:30

Module 2 : 18-21 Oct. 2018

Thu. 18 Oct.      9 - 17:15
Fri. 19 Oct.          9 - 17:45
Sat. 20 Oct.         9 - 17:30
Sun. 21 Oct.       9 - 13:00

Total Contact Hours: 54 hrs.   
A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the training.

Early bird with payment until 01 Aug : 850€
After 01 Aug : 950€

The teacher Training includes a comprehensive manual for use during and after the training.
Also Included is a 5x class pass for pregnancy yoga at the shala – to be used within 6 months after the completion of the training (this is not re-inburseable or transferrable)

Registration :

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training – the offering….

Prenatal Yoga practice

  • The Mandala of pregnancy yoga asanas
  • 6 Creative Sun Salutations with specific Theme & Intention
  • 7 Class plans with specific theme, intention and Mudra
  • Pregnancy Yoga Class template / Class Planning
  • Affirmations & Poems for Pregnancy and Birth
  • Mindfulness Meditations for Pregnancy & Birth
  • Pranayama practices for pregnancy & birth
  • Sound practices during pregnancy and in preparation for birth
  • Building awareness of the pelvic floor muscles within the class setting

Prenatal Yoga Education:

  • Joys and Benefits of teaching Prenatal Yoga
  • Skillful and unskillful practices
  • Variations & Adaptations : How to include all 3 trimesters in one class
  • To adjust or not: what is appropriate?
  • Setting up a supportive Environment
  • Creating a Community

Pregnancy Education

  • Mothers gift - the pregnant body
  • Trimester outline – physical and emotional joys and challenges as pregnancy progresses
  • Pregnancy Discomforts and health Concerns
  • A closer look at the Pelvic floor!
  • The Womb - Womans power centre
  • Knowledge of Pregnancy Hormones relevent to teaching prenatal yoga classes

Birth Education

  • Birth - Rhythm & Flow
  • Entering life ….bonding and the first hour after birth
  • The various foetal positions in utero – the benefits/challenges these create for birth
  • Active birth versus Passive birth
  • How we Birth matters – Medicated or unmedicated? pleasure or pain? Fear or freedom? Internal & external factors, pathways for coping and the domino effect
  • Where to birth - an important decision
  • Support of a midwife/ Doula/Partner

Belly Dance for Pregnancy and Birth

  • Dancing from within - with Jade Mate

Pre-course suggested reading :

  • New active birth, Janet Balaskas. (Deutscher Titel : `Active Geburt: Wie ich mich mit Atemübungen, Yoga und Massagen optimal vorbereite´)
  • Ina May's guide to childbirth, Ina May Gaskin (not found in German – but maybe you find it?)
  • Mindfulbirthing, Nancy Bardacke (Deutsche Title ` Der achtsame Weg durch Schwangerschaft und Geburt)
  • Birth Reborn – what childbirth should be, Michael Odent

About Myselfkiralimsch

`Yes I can´. Three words, a simple yet profound Mantra which has guided and supported me through the years and brought me to the place where I am now. When I look back, life has gently swayed me in this direct since I was a little girl. A childhood memory of pretending to birth babies when I was only 6 years old was perhaps where it all began.

Many years later I entered a building by the beach in Perth, Australia that was to direct the flow of the rest of my life. I found my home in Downward facing Dog Pose with a teacher, Sam Weinstein who inspired me to grow and to love in a way I never had before. After my regular Saturday morning yoga class, in would arrive radiant women with beautiful brown bellies, relaxed and eager for their turn. I always wondered what on earth would Sam `do´ with them?

Luckily for me, years later, secrets were revealed as I began a mentorship with him. Not knowing that this would not only open my eyes with how to teach a pregnant woman yoga, but simply how to live in the most natural way possible. Like a long lost friend had returned to me and invited me back home.

I have never looked back since, and after 15 years of nurturing women through pregnancy, birth and beyond with the healing art of Yoga, in some way, I hope I am helping to fill the world with happy mothers and little baby Buddhas.

With love, I look forward to sharing my experiences with those who wish to also support women through this life-changing journey to motherhood.

Belly Dancing with Jade


In ancient cultures, ritual dances supported women passing from childhood into womanhood through the discovery of their own sexuality, and then into motherhood through pregnancy and birth. These original dances, which included elements of belly dance as we know it today, allowed women to appreciate the beauty of their own bodies and to find joy and pleasure in movement, while strengthening their bodies and self-confidence for the creation of a new life

Jade will join us to share her wisdom and knowledge with how belly dance supports women during pregnancy and birth. She will offer some basic belly dance movements that can be easily integrated in a yoga class and will guide us through some improvisational dancing to support freeing the intuitive body. Finally we will all dance some easy steps in circle, feeling supported by each other and experiencing joy in movement and rhythm - just as it was done in ancient cultures.

Jade is a yoga and belly dance teacher and is passionate about empowering women. She started belly dancing many years ago in Spain, her country of origin, but it wasn't until she became pregnant and started practicing yoga that she realized how deep the art of belly dancing really is and how helpful it is for women. After the birth of her second child, she created Muttertanz ( Now she regularly offers belly dance courses in Innsbruck for pregnant and non-pregnant women.

What to bring to class:

An open heart to learning and sharing
A willingness to dive in and try something new
Bring your own knowledge, insights and reflections!
A goooood sense of humour!
Notebook and pens
And please bring your camera to class!

With love, Namaste



shaktidanceShaktidance® Teachertraining in Innsbruck/ München


mit Sara Avtar, Abiola Akinbiyi und Michaela Indra Kaur Kessner in Innsbruck/München 2018/19


Verschmelze mit der Lebenskraft und gib dem Impuls der Seele Ausdruck.
Ein wundervolles Gefühl der Ausdehnung und Freiheit wird erweckt, wenn wir lernen, jenseits der gewohnten und konditionierten Formen unsere Bewegungsmöglichkeiten zu erweitern.

Hier die gesamte Info als pdf..





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