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AcroYoga in Antaratma Yogashala with  Frido

NEW: This class will be offered as a course only. Dates to be advised



Acro Yoga is a wonderful blend of Hatha Yoga, playful acrobatics and Thai Yoga Massage.

Acro yoga Pre-requisites : There are no necessary pre-requisites, simply come and play!
Yoga Pre-requisites: It is helpful to have some knowledge of Yoga Asana before coming to the Acro class
Level : Appropriate for all levels
Body Contact: It is important to note that this style of yoga involves body contact with other students. With practise and time you will start to feel more comfortable and your level of trust will deepen.

Our AcroYoga Motto in the Shala:
"Come alone and find friends!" and
"Come together with one or more friends and deepen your friendships!"

The following 3 elements of Acro Yoga in Antaratma Yogashala are practised:

  • Solar Practise : Flying Acrobatics and dynamic, energetic and playful variations
  • Lunar Practise : quiet, therapeutic flying massage and Thai-yoga bodywork
  • Yoga Practise : I-You-Us approach!!!

The 3 Magical concepts in Acro Yoga - Thought patterns of  Base, Flyer, and Spotter:-
Base : "I am strong and i can convey trust"
Flyer in the lunar Practise : "I trust and devote myself to this soft practice. I am carried with lightness and ease."
Flyer in the solar Practise : " I trust completely. I bring powerful potential to its fullest expression. I am focused."
Spotter: " I am full of love and presence, allowing others to grow to their full potential. I am here."

AcroYoga invites us to feel the whole visible and invisible spectrum of the "Self". The Antaratma Yogashala offers a safe atmosphere
to venture out of our comfort zone while growing together in awareness and fun. We will laugh, dance, play, learn, and relax together.

The cultivation of power and compassion are 2 additional aspects in the AcroYoga community that lead to a safe yoga practice.

Come and lets play with "Metta"!!! (Metta = loving kindness)

Costs :

  • Course price to be advised!
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