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Our Yogaclasses - Timetable Overview /Preview


The Timetable shows the regular classes, i.e. 'what class usually is when & with who'.

Below is the preview of the schedule for the next few days, including subbed classes etc.


Timetable print of our Drop in YogaClasses:

Kira, Carri & Andy teach in English :)
All classes are 90 minutes

Montagline1 845Einsteiger Yoga openEinsteiger Yoga morgenklasse andylinealtalt65x11linealtalt65x11lineEinsteiger Yoga 930Einsteiger Yoga openEinsteiger Yoga alexlineEinsteiger Yoga 1915Einsteiger Yoga vinyasaEinsteiger Vinyasa Yoga Marie Luiseline Einsteiger Yoga 1915 Einsteiger Yoga AerialEinsteiger Yoga lucaslinealt
altlineCoreWorks 700Core ClassCarrie Core ClasslineEinsteiger Yoga 930Einsteiger Yoga openEinsteiger Yoga evilineEinsteiger Yoga 930Pregnancy Yoga drop inPregnancy Yoga kiralineEinsteiger Yoga 930Einsteiger Yoga openEinsteiger Yoga morgenklasse andylineEinsteiger Yoga 1915Einsteiger Yoga openEinsteiger Yoga alexlineVinyasaflow class drop inLevel 2 Vinyasa Flow Yoga classPranaFlow Klasse Kiralinealt
mittwoch linealtalt65x11linealtalt65x11lineEinsteiger Yoga 9301 yinyoga1 ninaline Einsteiger Yoga 930Einsteiger Yoga vinyasaEinsteiger Yoga helenelineEinsteiger Yoga 1915Einsteiger Yoga vinyasaEinsteiger Yoga morgenklasse andylineEinsteiger Yoga 1915Einsteiger Yoga AerialEinsteiger Yoga lucaslinealt
altlineEinsteiger Yoga 930Pregnancy Yoga drop inJade Pregnancy Yoga Shala Innsbruckline Einsteiger Yoga 930Einsteiger Yoga openEinsteiger Yoga heleneline
alt65x11 lineEinsteiger Yoga 9301 downtempoPregnancy Yoga kiralineEinsteiger Yoga 1915Einsteiger Yoga openkira marieluiselineEinsteiger Yoga 19151 acro1 fridolinealt
altline1 845Einsteiger Yoga openEinsteiger Yoga alexlinealtalt65x11linealtalt65x11line1 1715Einsteiger Yoga openJade Pregnancy Yoga Shala Innsbrucklinealtalt65x11linealtalt65x11linealt
altlinealtalt65x11lineVinyasaflow Yoga 900Vinyasa Flow YogaPranaFlow Klasse Kiralinealtalt65x11linealtalt65x11linealtalt65x11linealtalt65x11linealt
altlinealtalt65x11linealtalt65x11linealtalt65x11line1 17151 yinyoga1 variouslineEinsteiger Yoga 1900Einsteiger Yoga classicEinsteiger Yoga lucaslinealtalt65x11line

Current Changes :

  • Winter Has Come :) - And a new Year.
    Enjoy !

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