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All our Yoga Classes are drop in classes and 90 minutes long.
Feel free to come to any of them without prior notice 5-15 min. before class.

  • We offer many different teaching styles (see the class names) and 2 Levels (color). All classes are 90 MInutes. 

  • Level 1 : no previous Yoga experience needed, but you may still find new things to learn even after a few years..

  • Level 2 : Not for first timers! You should know sunsalutations, some fundamentals of Yogaasana, and when to  rest as needed. 
    Not open to Yoga First timers. The teachers do not structure these classes for beginners. Please do not bring your friends for their first time into these yoga classes !


Timetable print of our Drop in Yoga Classes :

Kira & Andy teach in English !

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altlineEinsteiger Yoga 930Einsteiger Yoga openEinsteiger Yoga helenelinealtalt65x11linealtalt 65x11 lineEinsteiger Yoga 9301 downtempoPregnancy Yoga kiralineEinsteiger Yoga 1915Einsteiger Yoga openKira Marieluise YogaclasslineEinsteiger Yoga 19151 acro 1 helenefridoline
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All classes are 90 minutes.

  • New / Changed : Mondays 19:15 soft Vinyasa with Marie Luise (instead of Yin)
  • New - AirBase (aka Aerial Basics) starts 7th march
  • New - Yin Yoga Class on Wednesdays 17:30 from 7th march.

  • Sundays Yin:  4.3 Kira // 11.3 Beate // 18.3 Frido
  •  Vera (Jivamukti) is in Camodia traveling and yogiing.
    Helene teaches Vinyasa Wed. 19:15 on 21.2 / 28.2 & 7.3
  • Acro Yoga Sememster Pause - begins again 08 March!
  • Thursdays 19:15: Marie-Lu teaches on 8.3 & 22.3 - Kira otherwise


Open : Everything's possible. The style depends on the teacher, the day, who's coming, the weather ... :) The class may have a special focus, and asanas may be linked into series.

Classic : All Asanas are done one after the other, and the class includes a basic variety. Therefore the class may be slower and easier to follow.

Vinyasa :  translates as 'to place / move - in a special / particular way'. I.e. interweaving postures, breath and movement, creating a seamless flow throughout practice.

Vinyasa Flow : as above including elements from Prana Flow® Yoga.

Jivamukti Yoga :  A typical Jivamukti Yoga class incorporates chanting, breath awareness, flowing vinyasa sequences, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance, relaxation and meditation. The student works at it`s own pace, following verbal as well as hands-on guidance. In this medium level class asana options will be provided for all levels of practitioners. It has a weekly focus on asana groups as well as a monthly background topic. Thus, besides the benefits of a balanced physical practice, it offers insight to classical yoga teachings that might be relevant to one’s life on and off the mat. 

Aerial Yoga : Vinyasa Style Aerial Yoga offers a balance and extension the floor practice.
Mondays is a more active class, whereas Wednesdays we do a slower version.

AirBase (aka. Aerial Basics) : To learn, repeat or just enjoy the basic techniques used in Aerial Yoga, this class repeats the basics by themes in a 4 week cycle. Its a great place to start or come back to... 

..more about the Aerial Classes.

Acro Yoga :  Playful Yoga - Acrobatics ..  see the german only :( description.

Downtempo : A slower paced class designed to wind down physically and mentally. Emphasis is placed on longer holds in all asanas, the use of props, pranayama and meditation techniques.

Yin Yoga : Yin Yoga is the complementary form of Hatha Yoga to the more widely practised Yang Yoga styles.  It is practised by relaxing muscular effort and holding postures for a longer period of time. See here

All classes are designed on a daily basis and vary and grow with its participants. Wherever you are, you'll be challenged and encouraged. General information about Yoga at the Shala  

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