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The Taoist yogis use the terms Yin and Yang as adjectives that help describe the play
of energies (or Chi) in our physical realm.They are complementary polarities and one cannot exist without the other.
Where Yin is used to describe qualities in nature that are more hidden, lower to the earth, more solid, mysterious, receptive and feminine-;
the brother energy Yang is used to describe qualities that are more exposed, higher, more fluid, obvious and active. When we
describe a yoga practise as being Yin (as apposed to Yang) we are attentively and intentionally gearing our practise more
towards nourishing and balancing our Yin qualities – hense the name Yin Yoga evolved.

Yin Yoga is practised by relaxing muscular effort and holding postures for a longer period of time (versus Yang Yoga
styles such as vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, etc). 
This positively influences the health of our deeper tissues
and energetic body, and prepares us perfectly for quiet meditation practices.

Yin Yoga level 1 :

Wednesdays 17:30 with Nina.

Sundays 17:30 - 18:45  with various teachers

Please dress warm for this class (socks / long sleeve tops etc). Yin tends to cool you !


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