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A  Workshop to help you specifically prepare for birth - 
with asana, breathwork, meditation, visualisation & reflection


`Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers – strong, competent capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength´

– Barbara Katz Rothman


Upcoming Dates:


babyinside petraBirth Preparation Workshop with Kira


This workshop is designed to support you along side a traditional birth preparation course taught by a Midwife. It  is designed to give you theoretical and practical tools from a yoga perspective to support you physically, mentally and emotionally as you birth your baby.

Regardless if you have a vaginal or C-section birth, it is still a birth. Your active participation in birthing your baby will empower you as a woman and a mother-to be to this child. Embracing your birth as a sacred and also spiritual journey will strengthen not only you but also your bond with your baby.

This workshop will prepare you with specific yoga asana (physical postures), breathwork, meditation and visualisation techniques all of which will support you  as you birth your baby. This active participation in your birth can help to reduce the pain and fear often associated with birth. It will empower you in the birth room  to stay centered and focused where important decisions need to be made. It is my wish that it will give you the strength, courage and love to birth your baby under all circumstances.


`Birth isn´t something we suffer but something we actively do and exult in! ´– Sheila Kitzinger 




marie lu shavasanaWhat can you expect from this workshop

Group discussions / questions and sharing:

  • Our thoughts and feelings about birth and where these stem from
  • Where to birth our baby and how to make the right choice
  • How else (other than specific yoga practices) can we prepare ourselves for birth & becoming a mother to this child

Theoretical aspects:

  • The birthwave and when best to practice yoga techniques to calm, centre and reduce pain & fear
  • The advantages of being physically active (using postures) when birthing your baby


Practical aspects:

  • Yoga asana (postures) for birth
  • breathwork
  • meditations and visualisations


A workshop designed to calm, centre, reduce pain and support you as you make the journey towards holding your baby in your arms

For whom is this workshop designed for:

  • For first time mothers or mothers who already have children at home
  • Yoga beginners or experienced – you do not need any pre-knowledge of Yoga
  • For all phases of pregnancy – you can attend this workshop at any time of your pregnancy and then  practice these tools until the birth of your baby


This course also includes a booklet you can take home and refer to when you would like inspiration and support.

Workshop dates :

Saturday  05 October 13:00 – 17:00

cost : 60€



JadeBirth Preparation Workshop with Jade (in German)


A Workshop with Yoga Asana, Breathwork, and Meditation

In addition to traditional birth preparation courses with a midwife, yoga is a beautiful preparation for both body and mind. In this workshop, we take the time to prepare you for the upcoming birth.


During the birth of your baby, you are so connected to your body and your breath that you can surrender. You have no fear of the pain because you have learned how to breathe through your contractions and move your body to support the birthing process. You experience the birth consciously and feel deeply connected to yourself and your baby.


What to Expect at the Birth Preparation Workshop:

Yoga Asanas and Positions for Birth
Yoga is not only helpful during pregnancy but also during childbirth. In this workshop, you'll learn which yoga exercises and positions can be helpful in the various stages of birth to ease and support the process.

Breathing Techniques
Proper breathing is crucial for birth. I'll show you specific breathing techniques that can help you manage contractions better and relax during breaks to regain strength.

  • Meditation
    Meditation helps you stay calm and centered, whether your birth is smooth or challenging. It fosters a deep connection with your baby and strengthens your confidence in yourself, your body, and your child.

    Exchange and Questions About Birth
    During the "Birth Preparation with Yoga" workshop, there is time for exchange and questions about birth. You can meet with other women in the same situation, ask questions, and receive tips from other mothers and me as an experienced mother and yoga teacher.

    Additionally, you will receive a handout with exercises, affirmations, and meditations.

    Who Is This Workshop For:

    If you would like to prepare specifically for birth, this birth preparation with yoga is just right for you.
    For beginners and advanced practitioners: You don't need prior experience in yoga.
    Suitable for all stages of pregnancy: You can attend the workshop at any time during pregnancy, as the exercises can be practiced throughout.
    For first-time and experienced mothers.

About Jade:
Hi! I'm Jade. I'm a mother of two children and love to support women during their pregnancy and time beyond . It's especially important to me that you feel safe in my yoga classes and can build a strong connection with yourself and your baby.


Workshop dates :

Saturday  06 July 13:00 – 17:00

cost : 60€

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