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Workshops / Events / Trainings to be enjoyed :



claudia matsyendra

Hormon Yoga Workshop

mit Claudia, 10 - 11. Jänner 2020

Hormonyoga wurde von der Brasilianerin Dinah Rodrigues entwickelt und unterstützt auf natürliche Art und Weise den Hormonhaushalt.
Hormonyoga setzt sich aus einer festgelegten Reihe von klassischen Yogaübungen, spezieller Atmung und innerer Energielenkung zusammen welche die Hormonproduktion anregen, die Vitalität steigern und für mehr Ausgeglichenheit sorgen. Dadurch können Frauenbeschwerden gelindert werden.

Zusätzlich zu den Hormon-Yoga-Übungen im engeren Sinn gibt es spezifische Aufwärmübungen, welche zu Beginn angewandt werden. Entspannungsübungen die bei Schlafstörungen, Panikattacken und allgemeiner Unruhe hilfreich sind runden die Übungsreihe ab.Für wen ist Hormon-Yoga geeignet?


Für wen ist Hormon-Yoga geeignet?

  • Frauen, die Wechselbeschwerden wie Hitzewallungen, Depressionen, Gereiztheit vorbeugen oder reduzieren wollen
  • Frauen mit Hormon-Imbalancenn (trockene Haut/ Haare, Zwischenblutungen, PMS)
  • Frauen mit Kinderwunsch
  • Frauen mit geringer Libido
  • für Frauen, ab 40 die Gesundheit und Wohlbefinden auf natürliche Art verbessern wollen


  • Schwangerschaft,
  • bei größeren Myomen,
  • fortgeschrittene Endometriose,
  • nach Operationen sollte generell ärztliche Beratung eingeholt werden.
  • vorallem nach einer Operation bei hormonbedingtem Krebs,
  • Blinddarm-Probleme, Herzbeschwerden

10. Jänner 2020 17-19 Uhr UND 11. Jänner 2020 09:30-14:30 (mit Pause)

Preis: 90€ / 85€ (Mitglieder oder Studentin)
Frühbucherpreis bis 27. Dezember 2019 80€ / 75€ (Mitglieder oder Studentin)

Anmeldung: per email direkt an Claudia:

Claudia ist Dipl. Shiatsu-Praktikerin, int. Yogalehrerin (YA) zertif. Hormonyogalehrerin


Embodied Yoga & Movements

Workshop, mit Liz Ehrenecker - Lizyogaflows.  11. Jänner, 17:00




Yin Yoga & Live Music (Revisited Edition)

Special Drop in YinYoga Class, with Stephan Mader & Kira, Sunday Jan 19 (2020), 17:15


The Yin Yoga class will be lead by Kira.

Stephan Mader will accompany us with intuitive, meditative music
– Hang, Guitar, Shruti Box, Flute and Didgeridoo.

- Pay with your normal 10-er block / unlimited, plus ….
- 5-10 Euro Beitrag für Stephan







7 - 10 May & 21 – 24 May  2020

A Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, with : 



General introduction :

`It begins with a kiss´…. And through a beautiful flow of energies, a baby is made, a baby is then nourished, and finally a baby is born. Love is what connects us, what nourishes us, what heals us. When we pause , long enough to listen and feel,we know that love is what carries us through the cycle of birth, life and death.

As a prenatal yoga teacher, I feel I have succeeded when mothers leave the room feeling loved and more connected to themselves and to their unborn child. When mothers feel at ease and at home within their changing body, and also strengthened and empowered as a woman to birth a baby into this world.

This training intends to offer an insight into how we as yoga teachers from all backgrounds and traditions can best support a woman through the transformational phase from pregnancy to birth. Through a variety of teaching methods, including self-inquiry, reflection, and experimentation, it is my intention that one leaves this training feeling inspired and confident to teach creative yoga classes of various styles to pregnant women.

Who this training is for :

This training is intended for current yoga teachers – both male and female - (or teachers in training) who wish to expand their knowledge to be able to teach pregnant women in a safe and appropriate manner.

Yoga Students who have at least 3 years of self practice and currently are working with pregnant woman or have a desire to do so, are also invited to attend the training.

Please note that as our attention will be geared towards the specifics of prenatal yoga, there will not be time to teach the essentials of  yogaasanas nor basic yoga philosophy– as it will be assumed that you already have this knowledge.  

Module 1 : 7 - 10 May  2020Mudrakona preg side
Thu. 4 Oct.          9 - 16:30
Fri.   5 Oct.           9 -  17:30
Sat.  6 Oct.           8:30 – 17:45
Sun. 7 Oct.          9 - 17:15

Module 2 : 21 - 24 May 2020
Thu. 18 Oct.        9 - 17:15
Fri. 19 Oct.           9 - 17:45
Sat. 20 Oct.         9 - 17:30
Sun. 21 Oct.        9 – 12:30

Total Contact Hours: 54 hrs.

A certificate of completion will be issued at the end of the training.
Attendance for the duration of the training is required for full certification.

Early bird with full payment until  06 March 2020 : 890€
Price after 06 March 2020 : 990€  (with full payment due by 09 April  2020)

Comprehensive course material:

The teacher Training includes a comprehensive 140+ page manual for use during and after the training.
Also Included is a 3 x class pass for pregnancy yoga at the shala – to be used within 6 months after the completion of the training (this is not re-inburseable or transferrable)

 Registration : kjc @ / Or kira @  

For further information :

 Previous student Testimonials:

`For me the time of the YTT was connection & personal development in and through the topic of prenatal yoga. Kira is opening a space for learning and growth, sharing her teaching & life experience. I especially liked that she covered lots of (beside the physical & anatomical)  energetical and emotional topics and how they can be covered in the practice of teaching.´ Vera Kadletz, 2018

"This tt is for all women who want to embrace their female energy. Kira creates a space where we as females can be free, creative, expressive and truely ourselves. With her calm and inspiring personality, she is a teacher, a friend, a mother and a child and one of the most powerful woman I've met so far and who inspired me a lot. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience." Anna Mona Rutzinger, 2018



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