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update 23.10 - we are open and classes continue. !! 

The Yoga Shala is well hidden in central Innsbruck in a quiet spot, off the street from Andreas Hofer Str. 13, near Schöpfstraße.

The entry can be found after a hopefully not too long search inbetween Billa (a Supermarket) & Bipa (Drugstore) and after the Body & Mind Fitnesscenter. The advertising for the Fitnesscenter alone used to be enough to find us, but nowadays we also have 3 Signs ! outside to show you the way.

Just continue back through, past the fitnesscenter, up a ramp, 3 steps & through a glass door and you're already in our entrance, where you can take your shoes off. Further down you'll find a small map.

The Shala opened in 2003, as the second Yoga place in Innsbruck, and was extended in 2008. It now consists of two separate Yoga-Rooms, the original one on ground level with about 100 mand the new Room on the First Floor with approx. 215 m2
Upstairs we call the 'Shiva & Krishna Loft', and the room downstairs was dubbed 'Ganesh - base' smiley smile
Here you can have a look around the YogaShala from inside ....

Further in, after the entrance where you can leave shoes & jackets you'll find the reception and changerooms. There are seperate changerooms in the 'Shiva & Krishna loft' and a tea / rest room.
The Shala has all the equipment necessary for Yoga, and similar courses. Mats are available for practice free of charge, or you can buy / bring your own mat. Members can leave their private mats in the Shala.

 Both rooms can be rented for courses and workshops, but not for parties, since smoke and food don´t agree with the floor, mats, wall, blankets and the Shala-environment. Upstairs you'll find a small room for tea & snacks (Hot water boiler & Hotplates included) though. Here are the days where we have reduced or no yoga classes.

Contact us for the rental conditions and prices. 

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