Aerial Danurasana Lucas Innsbruck

Lucas aerial highlunge

  • Sanjana Aerial Vinyasa Yoga (.. separate homepage) brings the Elements of a dynamic Vinyasa Style into Aerial Yoga. (Sanjana : to bind, connect, attach, bring together)  We play with our connection to the hammock and floor, and can enjoy reexperiencing & reshaping our Asana practice.

  • When:  Mon.19:00 with Lucas  - the class usually takes a bit more than 90 minutes (up to 120 ;) ). In case you need to leave on time, please tell lucas.

  • Level I Class. Yes you can come and join without prior Aerial experience. It is not even necessary, but helpful, to have practiced yoga before.

  • 3-dimensional Yogaexperience, practice and body & space-awareness-training.

  • The Aerial Yoga Asana are closely connected to their floor relatives. Traction and pulling motions add to the usual experience of the asana, and may sometimes intensify and other times release deeper.  The inner workings of Yogaasana are thereby rexperienced from a very different perspective (inner & outer).

  • The Yin aspects are enhanced, even in an aerial vinyasa style class. Single poses have often a much deeper effect.

  • More and deeper areas of the body can be accessed than in floor-only yoga.

  • Aerial Yoga and Floor Yoga are especially great together. They balance each other out. Each allows ease where the other asks for work.
    Aerial Yoga strengthens the core and shoulders and opens the ribs and chest. It allows for softer backbending & has been proven to be really good for climbers too :)


lucas Foot in One Leg Bridge5x5The Lvl I Aerial Yoga Classes are all 'Drop In' - Join at your leisure :)

Aerial Yoga is an acrobatic play with Yogaasana, allowing to deepen your practice and awareness of its inner workings. Deeper releases, softer variations as well as more intense Asana are possible.

You may completely or partially give your weight to the hammock. The gravitational pull can then be experienced directly and deep within the body, which offers a release that is rarely accessible in Floor-Yoga. Breathing into a soft pull towards the ground will renew your awareness within and allow for a soft and deep opening.

We are not continuously hanging upside down, or keep swinging about the place, but use the hammock as well as the floor, either together or in sequence. The perception of the floor is heightened after an Aerial Yoga practice which enhances our ground asana practice as well.

The play with Gravity in 3 dimensions makes many asana reachable, that are otherwise only accessible for more acrobatic practitioners. Also a variety of new more or less acrobatic variations can enhance the playfullness of your practice.

Lucas originally trained Aerial Yoga in 2013 with Michelle Dortignac, founder of Unnata™ Aerial Yoga  and Tanya Popovich & Evangelos Apostolopoulos - Swaha Yoga Athens. Soon after he deviated to make Aerial Yoga into a more Vinyasa Flowing Style. 

Please Note :

  • Drop In Class, Level I - ok for beginners
  • Clothes : Tight clothes don't slip. Please wear shirts with sleeves.
  • Health : fear of heights, easily getting dizzy, pregnancy, blood pressure problems of any kind, retinal or other eye problems, and anything else that could keep you from doing sometimes strenuous exercises do definitely talk to lucas before attending class ! 
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