Shiva Krishna Room slice

Dancing Shiva


 The Upstairs loft was renovated and added in 2008. The place was empty for a year because the interior was dark and old. The stairs up to the room were right in the center, enclosed with a metal railing and made the room unusable for our needs.

By now it has changed into something more agreeable ... smiley cool

The renovation took naturally longer than planned, but the end product satisfied, and we finally have plenty of space. 
The central door-contruction was designed by my brother and built by myself (Lucas).
Not only does it make it possible to use the whole room for our classes or dance without any hindrance, but also gives it a finished and complete feeling.

The reception area also became twice as big as it used to be.
Upstairs we have separate changerooms and a tea room to hang out in for workshops.


The room can be rented. Please read these conditions / details (german) and contact lucas

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