Kira Parighasana

We currently offer online classes via instagram (*).

Naturally free of charge and for each and everyone.

Times / class info on instagram & facebook & in the newsletter 
# yogashala_innsbruck  - yin & downtempo
#mayaprenatal  - pregnancy yoga

Most importantly : Join in !

It is the yogashala community, with you in it, coming and joining classes, that make the Shala what it really is !

The income from it was and remains, though necessary,  never the motivation from which the Shala originated & grew.

Should you feel the desire to do so, you can 'buy' a block of 10 & print or draw it & 'stamp it' yourself :)
It's monetary value is up to you.
Please do not transfer more than our usual prices!


* Instagram Live video : To follow live classes you need to download instagram on a mobile device, sign up and follow yogashala_innsbruck. The rest is explained here

StayingSane YogaAtHome 10er 
Kto.: Kira Cook 
Iban: AT11 2050 3009 0102 969

If we will / can be open again, you can exchange the remaining units for the real blocks. Simply keep the transfer details.



The shala itself is closed.

With sanity returning we will be happy to offer a proper schedule again.



YogaShala Daily Classes

Timetable Overview
Detailed Preview

Kira & Andy teach in English :)
All classes, except marked with *, are 90 minutes

Pinch-zoom in or turn mobile sideways !

Current Changes :

  • Yes, we are open. Any changes would be announced right here !

  • The Timetable shows the regular classes,
    i.e.  'what class usually is when & with who'.
    Detailed changes to the schedule are below in the -> 2 Week Preview


2 Week - Day-To-Day Schedule & Details  :

You can directly access / bookmark the Day-To-Day plan here.


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