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You can join into the drop in classes without prior notice.
To sign up for courses (not open classes ! They need NO signing up) please mail or call.

For any other questions, that are not covered by the FAQ or other content of the Homepage, feel free to do the same :-)
Maybe also check out the Google Business page.

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Shala Location

where the Classes & Courses happen :(No Mail!)

   Antaratma Yoga Shala Innsbruck
   Andreas Hofer Straße 13.
   6020 Innsbruck
   Österreich / Austria 


Postal address
(i.e Office, for Land - Mail only !) 

Kira Cook & Mitges. BR,  Gramartstraße 53, 6020 Innsbruck


lulu@yoga-innsbruck.com  : For Rentals or Aerial yoga (Lucas)
Kira:  kjc@yoga-innsbruck.com : All questions concerning Baby Yoga & Pregnancy Yoga
Either of the above : as you see fit :)

ucas : +43 (0) 650 8426248 
Kira : +43 (0) 650 9127835 
(10:00 -16:00Uhr; if necessary try outside these hours too.)

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