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Our pricing system should allow for simple access to our classes without hidden costs or the need to pay hidden or obligatory member fees.

The membership is a price reduction for those who wish to come more regularly, not a binding contract.
Yoga is not a product to be bought or a business idea. The money value is what keeps the place running and teachers living.

The following overview hopefully already explains most : 


First Class - first impression 
10 €
10 €
Block of 4 - try some more  
40 €
40 €
Membership 366 days 
50 €
40 €
Block of 10 
105 €
84 €
125 €
100 €
30 days Unlimited 
100 €
119 €
95 €
60 days Unlimited 
191 €
153 €
227 €
182 €
90 days Unlimited 
268 €
214 €
318 €
255 €
180 days Unlimited 
499 €
399 €
544 €
434 €
Single Class 
15 €
12 €
18 €
14 €
Prenatal Block of 5 
70 €
55 €



The 4 categories result from the general concession and the membership price reduction.

'First Timers Pack'
 This is designed to make it easier to join and give you time to decide on how often you want to come.
The first class is 10 €. Afterwards, i.e. before the second class you can buy a block of 4 tickets for 40 €.
This block of 4 gives you more time to decide if you like to keep coming, and how often.
You can purchase this only once in your lifetime! It is valid for 2 Months.

The concession prices (- 20 %)
These are available for those who actually need them.
Our prices are calculated with the aim to be affordable for everyone (including students, single parents, ...)
and especially reward dedicated yogis, who come regularly and often (see unlimiteds).
We strive to spread the joy of yoga to as many people as possible, maintaining our high standards.

This can further reduce the cost per class. Everyone can get it anytime,
and its valid for a year. It gives you 16% (rounded) price reduction on all classes & courses,
on top of the concession, if that applies.

Once you know that you wish to extend your practice and therefore come regularly,
you'll either buy blocks of 10 (valid for a year) or, if you wish to come to 2 or more classes weekly, want
to get  'Unlimited'.They can be 'frozen' in time of travel or sickness for a limited time.

 Special Pregnancy Yoga Block of 5 
This Block is available for pregnant women.
The First Timer Block (4-er) is not valid for Pregnancy YogaClasses,
but the first time to the shala for 10 € is valid.

Yogashala Courses
The Course prices depend on the length of each course and generally, but not always,
use the price of a block of ten as a basis. You'll find them in the descriptions of each individual course.

We don't have vouchers. For presents it's best to simply buy a block of 10 or a First timers block 



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